We advise large multinationals, Danish C20-index companies, small and medium-sized privately owned companies and private equity funds and banks. We also offer confidential one-to-one growth coaching to ambitious executives.
A typical project runs over 1-2 years, with intensive involvement from our side. The growth process is matched to the specific company, based on proven and highly successful elements.

The process often proceeds as follows:
1. Preliminary meeting
2. Growth coaching with the CEO and setting the growth target
3. Involvement of the management team
4. Development and implementation of the growth strategy using a 'Growth Tracks', 'Must Win Battles', 'Breakthrough Calendar' and much more
5. Development of the management team from 'OK' to 'growth'
6. Involvement and development of middle/frontline managers in relation to growth management
7. Development of a growth culture and gearing the organisation for growth
8. Continuous growth monitoring and follow-up via a growth dashboard.

In our world, it is results that count, and the process has been successfully implemented in a large number of companies, such as:

  • Dagrofa: "...we have seen a DKK 1 billion turnaround in revenue"
  • BoConcept: "...the company has seen a sevenfold increase in value"
  • DT Group: "...growth of DKK 650 million in six months"
  • LogBuy: "...from 10% to 40% annual growth"
  • E-MAR: "...after four months we have 45% growth"
  • Rias: "... revenue and profits have risen dramatically"
  • Takeda: "...our financial results have grown dramatically"