X10 Lab


If you look for solutions in the same places as your competitors, it's hard to find ones that truly create growth, profitability and value. We find solutions in places you haven't looked. We see the opportunities you haven't seen. Why? Because we have other tools to search with, we see things from a range of angles from other disciplines and we know what the latest technology from other industries has to offer. Where others see limitations, threats and impossibilities – we see opportunities. And where others see opportunities – we can conversely see risks before things go wrong. While a development department might work on improvements for years, we find groundbreaking new inventions fast.
How? By putting together a top team of experts, building on the best research and designing and testing prototypes using 3D printing, virtual reality, etc.


Achieving the breakthrough you want – with a problem, product, process, customer relationship, functionality or technology, or just creating a WOW effect.


Our process has three phases:
• Value definition (free)
• 5-day breakthrough process (fixed price)
• Implementation and execution (10% of the value to the company over a 12-month period)


Ivar has worked with inventions, innovation and groundbreaking technology for over four decades. He has won awards for future insight, technology, research and innovation. He has been granted six patents and has more in the pipeline. Ivar's motto is “the more ambitious the challenges, the better”.


Let's define an ambitious challenge together, and work out how much it is worth to you to succeed in it. We will then assemble a team to find you a solution you would never have dreamt of, which gives you a strong competitive advantage.

Contact X10LAB at lab@x10growth.com.